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About this blog

I read somewhere that the things you drawn to do when you were ten are a true expression of what you love to do — before education and  work shapes what you focus on for the next few years!

When I was ten I created a two page magazine, which I laboriously copied out four times for distribution to my family members, complete with a word puzzle. I must admit they weren’t as excited about it as I was (!) but the satisfaction of creating it is a strong memory that returns to me as I write and publish the content for this website.

I write for a living. However, lately I have also felt the need to have a place to write on topics outside of the scope of my work. On this website you’ll find a medley of reflections on books, freelancing, writing and anything else that is top of mind. I have also included my husband’s paintings and my stories about my family to add some colour to these pages.