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The Dry - by Jane Harper

The Dry

Jane Harper’s novel is set in a small town called Kiewarra, which is a five hour drive from Melbourne, and a place of tensions and memories for Aaron Falk. He and his father were run out of this town 20 years ago…

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Calypso - by David Sedaris


David Sedaris' recent book 'Calypso' is the perfect companion on a trip to the North Island to visit family because: his writing is charming, insightful, and extremely easy to read. he writes about his family – and is clear sighted to…

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A Promise of Ankles by Alexander McCall Smith

A Promise of Ankles

'A Promise of Ankles' is the latest in Alexander McCall Smith's Scotland Street series. It's a light-hearted update on all the characters from the previous books in the series. Angus and Domenica are occupied by the discovery of a Neanderthal skull which…

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The Talented Mr Varg - book review

The Talented Mr Varg

If you like Isabel Dalhousie’s gentle approach to solving mysteries, you will probably also enjoy Varg ­– Alexander McCall Smith’s Swedish detective, who works for the Sensitive Crimes division of the police. Like Isabel, he spends a lot of time in his…

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